Virginia open houses Aug. 19-20

Virginia open houses Aug. 19-20

Here’s a list of open houses taking place Aug. 19-20 in Virginia. We’ve divided the list by counties. To learn more about the properties for sale, click on the link underneath the address, which will take you to the listing. As always, feel free to search a listing of properties for sale in the Washington []

GST to scale transportation business further, says Redington India

IT-related logistics solution provider Redington (India), which has been developing a third party logistics services business under the brand ProConnect, is expecting a better opportunity in scaling up transportation business post Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation. With the advent of GST, the company expects that the concept of Full Truck Load (FTL) to shift to small cargos, which would improve the margins, said senior management officials.With the implementation of GST, the company is expecting that certain businesses and logistics, particularly transportation is expected to scale up significantly. However, transportation, in terms of profitability will be lower, but there is a high potential in terms of scale, said Raj Shankar, managing director of Redington (India) Ltd.”What we are trying to do is we are also trying to see how to bring in some apps that allows us to be able to do this aggregation and consolidation. So in other words, our model continues to be keeping it ..

Give data access to consumers, not companies, says Nandan Nilekani

Former UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani suggest that the government should create a policy framework that gives consumers access to the data they create while using digital services rather than allowing entities build data silos for their own benefit.Arguing that by inverting the control of data away from entities that gather them and giving it to the individuals producing them, India will be able to ensure privacy, keep data colonisation at bay and boost competitiveness. “Every second, three more Indians are experiencing the Internet for the first time (and) is getting headlocked into a digital era at a pace never seen before…But how do you convert this data in such a way that it benefits everybody? That’s a strategic question,” said Nilekani, at an event in Bengaluru on Wednesday.Taking a view that India is starkly different from the West when it comes to digitisation because people were already rich there when smartphones began making in-roads a decade ago, Nilekani said India …