Bernie Sanders closes in on Hillary Clinton in California

UNDER a golden sunset in Vallejo, California, a beaten-down former shipyard city near San Francisco, a mile-long line of supporters are waiting to see Bernie Sanders. “He’s just says everything I’ve always believed in,” said Pamela Ridel, a 42-year-old florist who had lined up two hours early for the senator’s rally. “I never thought anyone would come to Vallejo.”

The rally’s location, on the city’s waterfront, opposite a derelict navy shipyard, was well chosen. Mr Sanders has made a point of drawing large crowds in places across California that rarely get much political attention. Vallejo was once a maritime hub that built ships during the second world war and serviced nuclear submarines during the Cold War. The base closed in 1996. In 2008 the city went bankrupt (it became solvent again in 2011).


A daily schedule of rallies, press interviews and impromptu speeches across California seems to be paying off for Mr Sanders. He has turned a state that was supposed to be a blowout win for Hillary Clinton into a dead tie. Just two months ago, Mr Sanders was losing by nine points in the polls. But in recent days, a…Continue reading


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